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This FAQ is provided for informational purposes only to address common questions our customers and partners may have regarding Zayn System’s vision as it relates to our solutions. The information provided herein is general in nature and is not intended to provide either an exhaustive explanation of Zayn System’s development plans or address any one specific solution from Zayn Systems, except where noted.

What devices can I use to access the system?

Workday® & Salesforce® can be accessed from a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone (Apple or Android devices) with a secure internet connection. Instructions for adding the mobile app will be sent prior to Go-Live.

What's the difference between customization and configuration?

Your legacy systems are customized to respond to your unique needs which adds a layer of complexity that must be addressed whenever system updates and/or changes are required. Workday® & Salesforce®  offer configurable frameworks that can be modified and extended but prevent changes from being made to the core system and disrupt the ability to offer updates in the future. Unlike customization tool-kits typically offered by traditional ERP solutions, Workday® & Salesforce® require no coding, eliminating the need to involve programmers. This allows us to easily modify the look and feel of the application and will position our organization to make changes and upgrades more readily in the future.

What should I do if my system seems to be running slow?

If you are facing urgent connectivity issues (unable to connect or login to the system), please report it as soon as possible at our support centre or using any of our dedicated support channels online. 

Which web browsers are supported?

The latest versions of the following desktop browsers are supported:
  • Google® Chrome
  • Mozilla® Firefox
  • Microsoft® Edge
  • Apple® Safari (Mac OS X only)
  • Opera® Browser
  • BlackBerry® Browser (Blackberry 10 phones only)
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer (version 11)

Can we link to or share information with on-premise systems?

Our solutions use open, standard-based application programming interfaces (APIs) to provide automation of the application. APIs are commonly used by developers to integrate capabilities into new web-based applications and existing business management systems.

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